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Eurovision winner Israel celebrates Netta Barzilai's victory with party on the streets

ISRAELIS celebrated in their thousands on the streets after Netta Barzilai was crowned winner of the Eurovision song contest with her techno dance song Toy.

Cheering fans gathered on the streets of Tel Aviv in the early hours of Sunday to rejoice in the win that saw the 25-year-old perform what was known as “chicken dance” song because the star made gestures and clucked like a hen while singing.

Excited crowds blocked roads and jumped into the public fountain at Rabin Square in front of city hall to mark the joyous moment.

As loudspeakers blared the catchy track, partygoers lined the streets of the Mahane Yeuda market in Jerusalem to offer their own ‘chicken’ dance moves while singing: “I’m not your toy, you stupid boy”.

Netta’s win means Israel will next year host the final of the popular song contest.

Following her Eurovision win, Netta took to the stage to accept the award and told the cheering crowds: "I’m so happy! Thank you for choosing me.

“Thank you for choosing different. Thank you for choosing daring.

“I love you, keep that going. Do good to others, be good to yourselves. That's about it, let's party!"

The singer said it proved that "you don't have to look or sound or think like a standard winner, do what you want, do what makes you feel good”.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Netta as the country’s “greatest ambassador” and posted on Facebook: “Netta, you brought a lot of honor to the State of Israel.

“Next year in Jerusalem!"

And on Sunday morning, he even attempted his own chicken dance for reporters.

During his cabinet meeting, the PM added: “These days Jerusalem is being blessed with many gifts.

“We received another one last night with Netta’s thrilling and suspenseful victory. The gift is that Eurovision will come to Jerusalem next year; we will be very proud to host it.”

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